Frequently Asked Questions About Umpiring

Q: How old do I have to be?
A: 13 years or older. Umpires under the age of 18 years will always be partnered with an adult.

Q: Do I need any experience?
A: No. We will train you.

Q: Will I get paid?
A: YES. While volunteer umpires are welcome, we pay from $35 to $55 per game depending on training and the number of umpires working the game.

Q: What if I make a mistake?
A: It is not a matter of “IF”, but “When”. No one is perfect. Relax and don’t let this fear prevent you from helping us.

Q: Do I have to go to Little League training or can I just take a test?
A: We prefer that umpires be LL certified but in some cases, we do accept non-LL certified umpires. However, you must attend the Little League training classes in order to take the Little League Certification test. Talk to the Umpire in Chief if you have any questions.

Q: Will I have to undergo a background check?
A: Yes. We are entrusted to protect the players. Access to the application information and results are limited and kept confidentially.

Q: Where are the fields I have to work?
A: Most games are at Eagle Park, West Manheim (behind Pleasant Hill Fire Dept.), and ESAB fields but occasionally elsewhere in Hanover Area.

Q: How many games will I work?
A: It’s hard to say. We will work to match your schedule to the league’s game schedule. You are not forced to work a set number of games nor can we guarantee a minimum amount.

Q: When are games played and how long are they?
A: Games run 2 to 3 hours and are played Monday through Friday nights usually starting at 6 PM and throughout Saturdays.

Q: Do I have to work behind the plate if I am afraid of getting hurt?
A: No, we cannot force you to take an assignment. Be aware, though, whether working the plate or bases, umpiring is an athletic event and like any athletic event, there is always a chance of injury. However with the proper equipment, training, and conditioning, the chances of injury are minimized. Discuss your concerns with the Umpire In Chief (UIC).

Q: Do I need to buy protective equipment and is there a uniform?
A: Yes and No. The league has some equipment like shin guards, chest protectors, masks, brushes and counters but not enough for everyone You are required to have a uniform that consists of heather grey slacks (no shorts) and an official Little League shirt. Other personal items are also recommended. Shirts will need to be ordered (at cost) through us to ensure consistency, but the pants you can get yourself. Contact the Umpire In Charge (UIC) for more details.

Q: Will I have to work a game by myself or will I have a partner?
A: Depending on player skill level we use one or two umpires. New umpires will be scheduled with veteran umpires.

Q: Will I have to umpire softball?
A: No. Softball umpires are provided by another association.

Q: Who do I need to contact?
A: Please find the contact information below for our Umpire in Chief.

Umpire in Chief

Bob Downey