Hey Blue! Fair or foul? Where’s the ball?

By Bob Downey, Hanover LL UIC 2014

The position of where the fielder is does not determine if a ball is fair or foul.  What determines whether the ball is fair or foul is the ball’s location in relationship to the foul lines when it is touched by a fielder or hits the ground.  (By the way, in baseball and softball the foul line chalk is in fair territory.)

So, a fielder standing in foul territory can touch a ball that is in fair territory – the ball is considered a fair ball even if it is a ball in flight.

If a fly ball is first touched while over fair territory and is not caught, and lands in foul territory – it is a fair ball.  The opposite is true if the ball is first touched over foul territory and lands in fair territory – that is a foul ball.

Hope this helps you understand the game better.