HEY BLUE! Why the silly rules?

By Bob Downey, Hanover LL UIC 2014

There are several rules which the local league cannot change because they are issued by Little League for Safety reasons.  Let’s face it, there will always be some danger but Little League establishes many rules, that some think are silly because incidents have happened and more than once.  Some are obvious and some are not.

Here are a few:

- Offensive coaches do not come onto field until called by umpire. - Too many coaches have been injured during infield practice by errant throws.

- Nobody but the batter should have a bat in their hand.  - Too many kids have hit others while practice swinging the bats. ( I broke a coaches arm when I was a kid.)

- No head first slides at the younger ages. – Too many broken fingers, wrists, forearms, noses and necks.

- No batting “doughnuts” . – Doughnuts are sized specifically for a given bat diameter.  There have been incidents where an oversized ring has been placed on a smaller bat.  When the bat has been swung, the ring has flown off and injured people.   Another problem is that young players acting like their favorite Major Leaguer, bang the ring off the bat and throw it back toward the dugout, only to hit someone who is not looking.

- Pitch count and days of rest. – too many permanant arm injuries.

- Lightning and Thunder game postponement.  – This is one that folks really do not appreciate enough.

- Bat specifications, helmet requirements, dangling throat protectors, and ball hardness are some others.