Hey Blue: What’s an “Appeal” in Little League Baseball?

By Bob Downey, Hanover LL UIC 2015

“Appeals” are claims made by one team that the other team has made some type of rule violation.   What makes an “Appeal” different from other rule violation complaints is that the umpire is not to act upon or impose any penalty even if the umpire is aware of the violation, unless the violation is specifically pointed out to the umpire by the offended side and the umpire agrees. 

In Little League Baseball the only appeal that can be made when “TIME” has been called, (known as a “dead ball” appeal) is a claim of Batting Out of Order. 

The other three official “Appeal Plays” (known as “live ball” or “live” appeals) are

  • Failure to tag up on leaving early on a caught fly ball
  • Failure to touch a base in the proper order (forward or backwards)
  • Failure to immediately return to first base after over running it


Any other complaint is just that, a complaint which could be legitimate, or in some cases just a bit of whining.